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tv   Headline News  RT  July 25, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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break the set. it's eight pm right now here in moscow tonight international protesters in israel and around the world vent their anger against the deadly guards are offensive on a day of solidarity for palestinians. overnight protests in the west bank ending clashes with police leaving four palestinians dead. other headlines ukrainian journalist who was abducted with missing british reporters says they were beaten by troops still not knowing tonight where graham's. and ukraine's parliament paralysis the ruling coalition collapses and the prime minister is refusing to work
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as the government squanders the budget on war in the country's east. good evening i'm kevin i mean first this muslims throughout the world are marking international could stay it's traditionally used to express solidarity with the palestinian people in this year most of the banners in the streets denouncing israeli aggression and protesters in iran were chanting anti israeli slogans and burning the country's flag in the capital to run the rally was attended by the iranian president similar scenes we're seeing today across india as well as of muslims marched in support of palestine and held prayers arabs protesting in israel to rally in jerusalem and in clashes with police several dozen people were arrested
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after throwing rocks and stones at israeli offices they responded. well protests is being held in many cities across europe polly boy could joins us now from a rally in london how the poly what's the mood borough. how paul if you could hear us what's the mood. while palestinian leaders have declared a day of rage today. palestinian leaders have declared a day of rage today in the west bank but the anger is culpable here on the streets of london now it's hard to gauge just how big this crowd is but organizers say it's something like ten to fifteen thousand people who have come from across the u.k. to join in this rally and express their solidarity towards the people of palestine and oppose what they say is the increasing bloodshed against the civilian population in gaza now kurtz means jerusalem in arabic and this is actually an
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annual event but organizers say that the pro palestinian community in the u.k. has been galvanized by what they see taking place in gaza and as i said that increasing civilian death toll so you can just take a look at the net the sheer number of people that are marching through central london making their way towards the american embassy but of course the u.k. is a very multicultural country and in london and across the country there is all say i see huge jewish population and every time that the arab israeli conflict flares up it's opinions of polarized and tension fizzles into the society here and now is no exception we've seen the debate waged on the television screens on the radio waves and increasingly on social media right because only have friends that are deleting a child there are facebook employees in their accounts because of the increasing
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hostility from the june fifth. and community now my voice is among the gerrish community here say that they feel a sense of growing anti semitism as a result of the crisis unless some jewish people agree with the actions of the idea which idea which of course isn't true we've seen rabbis protesting among the profile listing in community today but this isn't the only rally to take place in london as a result of the crisis just several days ago we had several thousand pro israelis march through the streets of the capital pledging their support to the israeli side in this conflict but for such a multicultural multiethnic multireligious see the conflicts in the middle east is very much affecting the streets of london reporting from london. thank you paul that's the city learned in the british capital as you can see quite high
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turnout there by the looks of it a noisy demonstration to all in production ten thousand palestinian protesters took to the streets of ramallah in the west bowing to voice their anger at the balance in gaza and at it in clashes with israeli soldiers which left four protesters dead and dozens wounded. in gaza for us closely following the situation there. this is the largest rally we've seen in the west bank of course in the west bank graphically separated but it appears that the purpose of these demonstrations is to send a very clear message that even palestinians in the west bank largely affected the societal level by the ongoing violence here which is being of course extremely bloody last night at least two palestinians were killed and up to two hundred injured as that these clashes resoled molotov cocktails and fireworks being fired at israeli border police as well as the israeli troops they responded with of course stun guns until gas so this is surely an important benchmark
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of how bad things are getting in in the west bank we're seeing such a such an escalation of clashing literally approximately five minutes ago there was an ass strike about six hundred meters directly behind where i am now within about five seconds of that strike being visibly a piece of shrapnel that i'm holding my hand right here it's been caught right now landed literally four meters away from me just in front of this international hotel here one of the most expensive international hotels an area which is meant to be extremely safe in the gazan concepts so you can see that of course things are not likely not by any means there is some unconfirmed news that hamas may accept united states secretary of state john kerry's proposal for a cease fire that's not yet confirmed and obviously the ongoing strikes continue here in gaza well yesterday we saw a very significant instance where united nations run schools has been used to shelter and this was struck allegedly by israeli tank fire in one way or another we
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understand that at least fifteen were killed including two children and united nations stop the united nations said that it's given israel historically the g.p.s. g.p.s. coordinates all through all of its infrastructure in gaza deliberately to try and prevent this kind of civilian object being hit but this didn't happen and yesterday this. school building was struck it was home temporarily to these hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons as almost fifty percent of the territory of gaza has been labeled by the israeli military effect of you know goes if you go here you are likely to feel as though the situation continues to be dangerous even in the safest areas of gaza as the body count continues to rise now over eight hundred palestinians killed. calls for an end to the violence would be just as low online as well as a literary heartfelt way to look at the photos hashtag trending right now jews now refuse to be enemies it says it was launched by a u.s.
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couple with a mixed arab jewish background web users quickly picked up responding with dozens more pictures and stories of love and friendship between arabs and jews for example this woman coming up now as a jewish mother of a palestinian father she tweeted whatever we saw for hate makes it worse all right now i hope we can go live to ramallah in the west bank and talk to mr foote bootie a palestinian politician mr marsh if you can hear us are not with a few sound problems and try to make a connection with you just now but like to put you first of all what is the feeling among palestinians in the west bank on this day is it for retaliation or is it a push for peace. feelings very strong and of course there are we want peace but at the same time we don't want i want people to be killed and just started the i think palestinians have
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demonstrated one of the most peaceful acts we had more than twenty five thousand people marching in a peaceful manner and we were encountered by israeli godchild. two hundred fifty people and six of them are critically injured in the hospital today and six of them lost their eyes and one man was killed we just had attended his funeral and unfortunately during the last three hours the israeli army has killed three other people in hebrew and. one other young men in nablus and the israeli illegal settlers also shot fifty palestinians in nablus area that's of course that adds to the eight hundred fifty palestinians who are killed in gaza mostly civilians what israel is doing is nothing but massacres against the palestinian people and even when we peacefully march they encounter us with gunshots and high velocity bullets
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but of course israel is saying it's a mass to blame when we were spoken to represents is of the i.d.f. they've said every time there's been a cease fire rockets back towards israel. this is a big lie because the reality is that hamas has accepted the cease fire as well as all the other palestinian groups and by the way israel is not negotiate in good humor they are the first of the first story so they had to have reported to to have to have broken that cease fire sometimes it only lasted for a couple of minutes. no let me explain the fairest people who are for the ceasefire with the palestinians and we asked the united nations security council to issue a cease fire. resolution it was israel that blocked the through the united states and the united nations security council twice then israel wanted to impose its own conditions by. by having
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a cease fire while keeping the siege on gaza while keeping their troops inside and while demanding that palestinians have no right to desist occupation this is unacceptable to me and there should be a cease fire but also there should be a lifting of the see now i want an explanation as that it is those who are demonstrating the normal i would not permit we're not violent they were totally peaceful but israel killed them still so in reality what you see here is a struggle of people who are fighting for their freedom from military occupation that has become the longest in modern history from a system of apartheid and discrimination and segregation that is much worse one what than what prevailed in south africa what israel did they started to palestinian peaceful demonstrators what was much worse than what apartheid system did in switzerland in the seventy's in south africa this is this should be stopped
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and the reality it is that you cannot you cannot cannot really you know what i said and the rest. those who are attacked by the interest understood for you because the program started because he said it's little bit short that interview palestinian politician in ramallah thank you. the whereabouts of a british journalist who disappeared rishi crane three days ago remain unknown but a fellow reporter who was with graham phillips when the pair were abducted was released and told me they'd been beaten there really sums up what details uno. information about the beatings is coming from another journalist who was detained where the ground philips cameramen working for the news agency we spoke to him as he was on his way to the hospital he was released by ukrainian military on thursday and this is how he described what has happened to them. we were going. to film a group of men i followed and that's when we were ambushed. over our heads but
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before i noticed military judging by their insignia we were put in a car and driven firstly put in a kind of cell together but we were later separated they started torturing us. screaming and i was screaming too it was horrible they told graham they were taking him to western ukraine and. then they left me. has mentioned they're both him and ground phillips along with two other journalists were actually near dinner airport extremely dangerous area scene of some of them will severe fighting over recent weeks overall of course the situation in the entire regions remains highly volatile as described by graham's friend ryan mcdonald the other side ukrainian civil war taking a captive today what are they doing there kidnapping what talk to them. now this is not the first time graham has been detained by authorities his first
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run in with his officials was in may of this year when he was a danger there checkpoint by national guard and then transferred over to ukraine security services overall of course ukraine remains one of the most in fact is the mole's dangerous place for journalists as specified by the international news safety institute seven journalists have been killed there just in the first half of this year a lot more primarily russians have been either detained or apprehended with no prita. they have not been let into the country and of course there's been a lot of international outcry on the subject matter and judging by the fact that graham phillips along with their several other journalists is still missing and his fate is largely unknown obviously the situation with journalists in ukraine remains wise to be desired or to keep track of the best we can indeed to save grown phillips how are you getting momentum on twitter to social network uses for the
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release of the journalist in the protection of others working in ukraine not just with ukraine needs some solid leadership we can report as well those in power of put the country into political paralysis over the last forty eight hours the ruling coalition has collapsed parliament could be dissolved in the probability of says he's quit although deputies still have his resignation letter for them to vote on lawmakers now face a choice that either forge ahead with a new majority group try and find out or get ready for elections and judging by the state of the ukrainian economy it's no time to procrastinate either fast running out of cash developing about much needed reforms and focusing its energies on the ongoing military operation in the east plus ukraine says the loans promised by the e.u. will not be enough while europe itself is hesitating over the firms already set aside political science professor nickel or petro told me the crisis is here to stay. the one thing i think that political parties want to avoid that are currently there is
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being blamed for the price hikes the significant price hikes for utilities and gas that are underwater that are going that are coming in the pipeline first of all there will be political crisis which is just being announced while there is a political necessity as europe's as the e.u. sees it to support and disburse money to ukraine it will actually not do that indefinitely and the problem is ukraine is running out of money even for its army the money to pay its soldiers will run out next week. hence a quick break now straight after the correspondent east ukraine joins us with the latest on a shootout on the russia ukraine border. this is the leader so we believe that the. bush and secure. your party is it. seems that no one is that with again that you deserve answers from.
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well again a group of russian investigators have come on the shelling on the russia ukraine border moscow's investor committee says the shells were fired deliberately from ukrainian territory a total of forty seven of them. in the region for r t let's catch up with him given their own tell us a bit more about what it's thought of exactly happened here. well the investigative committee personnel were wearing uniforms so they could not have been mistaken for anyone else and while they were scouring the area another two russian border checkpoints have been shelled as well and in nearby residential areas too apparently six houses had been damaged and one person in fact had been injured this is not the first time that russian territory is being shelled previously one russian border guard was injured and one civilian was killed as a result sell for ukrainian army shell and now russia had demanded for ukraine to
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stop artillery fire and shelling against its territory but it continues in any case meanwhile ukrainian army is using older means available and necessary to fight against the rest of the regions here in eastern ukraine you and i already said that's at least two hundred thousand people have been displaced as the result of that half of them have fled to a nearby russia meanwhile those who stay here in this area are forced to live their everyday lives very close to bomb shelters all basements whatever they have available to hide from constant artillery fire by ukrainian military. rock. hard for. eastern ukraine homes ablaze cars riddled with bullets this is what locals here have been waking up to day after day for the past several weeks and the human cost of the sustained government assault has been steadily rising by junior to children in germany and then waiting
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to fall on. some you know maybe ten year book but it won't be i am with the many hundreds killed since the ukrainian army's operation began half a million have already packed up their belongings and fled across the border to russia but for those who stayed on constant reminders that nobody is safe. we've been hiding here for two months already sharing can start any time so monday i went outside to some water and it was a miracle that we survived we had to hide from shells and splinters behind in. every single moment we're afraid to die i don't netsky is one of ukraine's largest cities home to a million people many caught in the crossfire between and fighters who have made the city this from bold and government forces the ukrainian authorities pledged to continue their onslaught to root out what it calls terrorists but that means locals
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here have a long soft fights of their own ahead of them donetsk the largest city in eastern ukraine it was once full of life and accommodated the locals and foreign terrorists on a couple of years ago with balkans thousands of football fans to the european football championships now however it's slow it's turning into a ghost town as local businesses close their doors and residents to leave the area for recalls and shelling that hasn't stopped in over a month. remark author of artsy donetsk ukraine. now the developments following the united states lead the e.u. now expanded sanctions list against russia over the crisis in ukraine adding fifteen people and eighteen companies are all over next on what the new measures include what we've seen is a emetics tension to the list of names that sanctions have been imposed on these sanctions will take the form of a visa bans asset freezes in some cases but they're individually targeted sanctions
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is the current law that's just the new greed on targets and others the fifteen individuals and eighteen companies and these are wide ranging sanctions that some in europe had been calling for in the united states and hoped that europe would push forward with particularly in europe david cameron the british prime minister pushing for further sanctions also here in the netherlands there had been calls for further sanctions as well we haven't seen that yet this is just something that shows the the over symbiotic relationship between the the russian economy and the economies of those nations in europe with they try to impose any real far reaching economic sanctions against russia european nations economies are going to suffer at the hands of their own sanctions so with that that's what we've seen so far we're expecting further talks on sanctions next week though but for now just more individual sanctions and expanding of the list for a show from the association of european businesses in the russian federation explains why the e.u. can't afford tougher restrictions. the decision making with regards to restrictive
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measures from the start of the european union seems to be much more cautious than the american one if you compare the statistics russia has about fifty percent of its foreign trade with the european union while it's less than five percent for the u.s. and if you talk about foreign direct investments more than fifty percent of direct investments come from european sources and less than ten percent from the u.s. so there is certainly also not the quantity of but also a qualitative difference between two. two more planes carrying victims from flight m.h. seventeen of landed i dove a military airport in the netherlands the last bodies would be sent from ukraine on saturday bodies and i've been transported to a military base for examination and identification through the remains of you have been found and a special international team has been prepared to secure the crash site meanwhile experts working with the flight recorders say the data they contain has. and
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several theories about what could have brought down the malaysian plane of a merge no since the disaster the latest is a source in the ukrainian military saying anti air defense drills taking place at the time with the crush could be to blame but denied in the search exercises ever happened. when news twenty four seven. coming up next another round of politicking off the break with larry king you know not international. just three years ago the european union was spending several hundred some billion if you're also in the public procurement embarrassed imation bit. over the deal twenty thirty sometimes even fifty percent of the money spent on corruption.
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with the economic up down in the final month a good deal sunk night and the rest because i think we take everything. is the united states ready maybe for a presidential candidate who calls himself a democratic socialist romance very independent senator bernie sanders talks about a possible white house run and a whole lot more on this edition of politicking. on
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the politicking on larry king and on today's show us send up birdies sanders the independent from vermont calls himself a democratic socialist lately then calling for americans to liberate them so. those from the one percent is never shy with his remarks he joins me from capitol hill he's the longest serving independent member of congress in united states has used to be a frequent guest with us on radio and c.n.n. it's nice to have you here with us on politicking with larry king as well good to see of bernie great to be with you larry before we discuss inequality and what you might do in the future two quick things i like your brief comments first on the situation in the middle east you know this is an ongoing tragedy of enormous consequence that breaks my heart and every few years the suffer rupp's an innocent people get killed and you know israel and the palestinian
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authority seem to get nowhere close i think all that i can say is that the international community the countries in the region i've got to do everything they can to get these sides into negotiations and hopefully work out some type of two state settlement and number two your thoughts on the ukraine well i think you know the president has got to be aggressive with putin of the idea that the ukrainian rebels there have access to these types of weapons that can still shoot down commercial airliners is not acceptable and i think this needs to be an issue that the president putin i've got the really thoroughly go all the analysis discuss the things don't mess that united states income inequality the worst since one thousand nine hundred twenty eight the one percent own thirty seven percent of everything in this country why isn't there more outrage. well you know it has
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a lot to do with the fact that in congress you have a lot of folks frankly who receive their campaign contributions from the one percent or you have a media which is owned by large corporate interests but i tell you larry in vermont and throughout this country i think people are profoundly disgusted with the reality that ordinary americans are working longer hours follow wages that parents don't know that their kids for the first time in the modern history of our country will have a lower standard of living than they do that america is moving in the wrong direction so there is a lot of outrage out there and i believe that people want fundamental change it is absurd in my view that ninety five percent of all new income goes to the top one percent at the same time we have more people living in poverty than any time in american history you recently released the public statement you declared now's the
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time to stop the movement toward oligarch day the time to create a government which represents all americans what it what you want a peaceful revolution what do you want senator well well that is exactly what i said look let's be clear you don't you what i would kids a couple of years ago. they taught us about oligarchy and they said look at these latin american countries we have a few families controlling the politics and controlling the economics of those countries well guess what's happening in america today you have as you've just in the catered in terms of distribution of wealth you've got the top one percent owning about thirty seven thirty eight percent of the financial wealth the bottom sixty percent owns all of two point three percent ninety five percent of all no income goes to the top one percent that's oligarchy in terms of politics we're looking at a situation where the koch brothers and other billionaire families will.